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updated jul.2023

a casa de maní

maní’s house

aprox 1h

flexões performáticas: gênero, número e grau
ccbb são paulo

video by raphael lupo.

straw mat
manioc (cassava)
wood base
carving instruments, knives, cuterly, etc

- enter the space 
- assemble the instruments
- split the manioc in two parts
- peel one part until it is white
- carve the other part leaving the brown exterior
- build a penis with the white part
- build a bowl with the brown part
- smash the bowl with the penis until it is destroyed
- clean the space
- collect everything and leave the space

action developed after intense personal questions about my family background that arose while my mother told me about how much she missed eating a cassava dumpling called caburé that her mother used to make.

i remembered the legend of maní, the little white Indian who surprisingly was born in the middle of the village, and ended up dying for the fragility of her health. from the place where she was buried was born a plant whose root is dark outside and whity inside - the cassava - basis of brazilian food culture.

i remembered how brazilian population, and brazil as nation - was founded on the basis of the rape promoted by european whites over native people and those kidnapped from the african continent.