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updated jul.2023

como dar voz a um corpo coletivo #1
(para as donas de casa da vila anglo)

how to give one voice to a collective body #1
(to the housewives of vila anglo)

performance / public intervention
são paulo, brazil

using an advertising medium - typical of peripheral residential districts in brazil (sound car) - i make a reading to vila anglo housewives who, from inside their homes will hear me read a collective body of text by women authors, novelists, actresses, doctors, anarchists, mothers, academics, artists, students, activists, while the car go through the street of the neighbourhood. The selected texts talks on the relations of the female roles in domestic environments; issues regarding motherhood or the subalternity of the wife's / mother's condition in western culture, as well as possible subversion tactics, confronting and resistance. The intention is to create the presence of a collective body of female voices that, through me, establishes dialogue with the women inside their homes during the passage of the car by the streets of the neighborhood.

part of the audio of the intervention, resulting of the artistic residence "To say yes to [r]existence”, held between october and december 2016 @Condomínio Cultural, by orientation of Coletivo Ágata