Múltiplo com instrução para objeto e performance

Multiple with instruction for object and performance

They are not listening. Let's talk louder


1 - cut on the dotted line;
2 - assemble it using tape as follows: edge A with edge B, forming a cone; edge C with edge D, forming a tube. the gray area always goes under the black area;
3 - tape the tube to the cone, making a handle (the pointed elements help fix the tube on the cone better);
4 - shout, if you have to.

Apresentado no SUPERformance 2, Contemporão SP, 2018.
O dispositivo de exibição foi proposto pelo curador, Yiftah Peled, de forma que uma pessoa precisa ativar o dispositivo para que outra consiga alcançar o múltiplo.

Presented in SUPERformance2, at Contemporão SP, 2018. The exhibition display was proposed by the curator, Yiftah Peled, so one person has to activate the device to other person reach the multiple.