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updated jul.2023

What’s cooking?


Sound performance intervention and public interaction

with Minhee Ahn (KOR), Lucia Diego (COL), Adhika Ferdinand (IND), Maria Paula Maldonado (COL), Suelen Calonga (BRA)

“What's Cooking?” is a performance about repurposing household kitchen items to publicly produce sounds that overtime is organically shaped into music. Referencing the act of cooking the tools/items such as knives, chopsticks, bowls, flasks, jars, spoons, pans, etc are placed on a table. Approaching the table anyone can choose a tool to perform with. The tools in hand become instruments that produce sounds which build into layers until within that chaotic noise, instinctively a pattern is found, a rhythm! It is symbolic of how amongst something that disturbs us or that is not of the common standard there is always something to be gained, signified or simple beauty. The rhythms are similar to most of the universally traditional music, and it flows through as though it is embedded within all of us to find these rhythms. The performance begins with five main performers but allows active participation and organic outcomes. Whoever said “Too many cooks spoil the broth” did not participate in community cooking, eating or jamming. The performance bases itself on  “the more the merrier” as it is an act of celebration, inclusivity, cultural pride and bringing personal ingredients that are shared together publicly for a more enjoyable taste.