for the sake of whom?

para o bem de quem?

aprox 1h

written and performed by 
miguel buenrostro (mex), suelen calonga (bra), lucía diego (col), devadeep gupta (ind), nikola kekerović (bih), eleftheria panousi (gre), edoardo tedde (ita)

bauhaus museum
weimar, germany

schiller museum
weimar, germany

photos: darko velazquez and carlos santos
props and set: nathalia azuero
advisorship: dr. sabine folie
conceived within the framework of mfa public art and new artistic strategies of bauhaus-universität weimar

performative reading of a manifesto with statements addressing issues concerning personal views, hope, beliefs/disbeliefs, daily routines, counter-utopian declarations, as well as a long list of “isms”, all of them connected through a general assertion on how each artist take on responsibility of their own affirmations exclusively on their own behalf. before the performance have taken place, a series of A1 posters were spread around the city of weimar. each poster contains short precise sentences extracted from the original manifesto.