muito passo para pouca perna

too many step for too little leg

aprox 2h
weimar, germany

videos by matheus opa, sandra bello, elham asadpour, lucía diegó. edited by the artist.
photos by nathalia azuero.

part of transmedia series “exercises to not loose myself from my sight”. executed within the framework of the mfa public art and new artistic strategies -  bauhaus-universität weimar.

farofa de dendê
red shoes
ossum powder
wood decks painted yellow

- pray to Exu, make the offer and ask for permission
- paint feet with ossun powder
- put red shoes
- walk over yellow decks until the closest river
- wash the feet on the river water
- pray to Oxum, make the offer and thank

just before I was born, i chose what my mission would be here on earth, and part of it is to find out what it is. i can feel it in my body and in the tranquility of my mind whenever i am more in line with the path that is mine, even though it is often not clear or expressed. sometimes, in flashes of search for discernment, i look back and find myself without reference of the path i have taken and that has led me here. and i look forward and cannot see the road that still has to be traveled to reach the fulfillment of my mission. anyway, armed with confidence in my step and continuity in action, the path unveils itself under my feet.