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updated jul.2023

república de weimarllandra

weimarllandra republic

aprox. 4h
weimar, germany
co-criation with kamái freire

part of bauhaus.parade : cellebration of 100th anniversary of bauhaus. executed within the framework of the mfa public art and new artistic strategies - bauhaus-universität weimar - with support of the weimar stadt and freistaat thüringen.

the flag and original music was part of the
exibition imaginay bauhaus museum
schiller museum
weimar, germany

appropriation of the official coat of arms of the city of weimar
flag / estandarte made by hand by the artist
weimarllandra passport (200 un)
official visa stamps
original music composition / marchinha
alegoric car

a country without territory, with a flag appropriated from the official weimar insignia and an hymn in carnival style that states the metaphorical foundation of this new nation as a wayy to deal with deep and complex issues, in a form that mixes joy, fun, irony and sarcasm. conceived by the visual artist suelen calonga and the musician kamai freire, in fact, republica de weimarllandra is a street block party that adresses geopolitica, decolonization and socio-economical issues through joyful catharsis. with crossed-references from the performative and participatory art in public space and the rich cultural heritage from brazil regarding music and dance, it presents carnival as an incredible technology of political discussion, problematization, and treatment of great collective traumas. with happiness. everybody is welcome in weimarllandra. request your visa today and come live in a country with lots of love, caress, affection, and no bad weather! 

credits and thanks to:
suelen calonga and kamai freire (singers), guicho luis palacio and ines wolfram (congas), max löbner (trumpet), philip etzel (alto sax), daniel moreno (trombone), maris evelons (horn), rommel alexander (euphonium), josi turek (tuba), steffen hippeli (snare), jens spinnler (surdo). minhee ahn (flag holder), michael usling (parade car driver), emilio aguas (field producer), a lot of espontaneous participants, friends, PANAS, p.a.n.a.n.a.s people.

video by miguel buenrostro.
photos by nathalia azuero, carlos santos, katherin gutierrez, marino sallowicz, nikola kekerovic.

music recording in brazil:
suelen calonga (singer), siso (guitar, bass, mix), romulo alexis (trumpet), daniel carrara (trombone), dominique vieira (drums), angela perini (production and backing vocal). distributed by tratore.

demo recording in germany:
kamai freire (singer), mariano gonzalez (snare and mix), anderson marklein (trumpet), silvino almeida (guitar)

collaborators / support:
marcia tiburi (letter in praise of weimarllandra), escola popular (instruments), hfm franz list, other music academy, gfk comunicação, acácio piedade, sarah pacheco, margarita valdivieso, jörg von stuckrad (bauhaus printing workshop), aline scátola, matheus opa, kamái freire and frank frobe (translations).